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Meet Dr. Danielle Causey

Danielle Causey, D.D.S.


Dr. Danielle Causey’s approach to facial aesthetics starts with good health and good skin. She starts a facial aesthetic journey with a health and facial analysis, followed by minimally invasive procedures. Her goal is to produce a look that is both fresh and natural; she strives for a look that “is still you, but the best possible version of you.”

There is nothing more beautiful than roll-out-of-bed beautiful.

-Dr. Danielle Causey

Dr. Causey feels that we can look our best at every age.  Her most effective procedures are combined into her “10 years younger protocol” in which she uses multiple treatment modalities over a regimented schedule to achieve lasting results. Dr. Causey is also known for creating beautiful lips with natural and comfortable lip augmentations.

Originally from Lafayette, Dr. Causey attended ULL for undergrad prior to her postgrad education at LSU.  After graduating from LSU Health Science Center School of Dentistry in 2012 she has since been practicing aesthetic medicine and dentistry in Baton Rouge and Prairieville. Dr. Causey focuses her dental practice and continuing education in cosmetic dentistry including smile design, implant restorations, implant dentures, veneers, Invisalign and preventative dentistry.

Dr. Danielle Causey’s journey into aesthetic medicine and cosmetic dentistry was motivated by a love of art and beauty, but is also patient-driven. Frequently after restoring a beautiful smile, Dr. Causey’s patients would mention other areas of the face that they wanted to enhance. Her patient’s requests inspired Dr. Causey to continue her training in the field of aesthetic medicine. “In the evolving field of aesthetics, the best possible results require continual training and constant perfecting of my techniques.”  Dr. Causey has trained through the American Board of Aesthetic Medicine and is currently in pursuit of a fellowship. She has also trained under the American Academy of Facial Esthetics.

When Dr. Causey is not practicing facial aesthetics at Causey Med Aesthetic or practicing dentistry at her other locations, she is spending time with her husband Dr. Drew Causey and their two young sons. Dr. Causey is an amateur artist in her spare time and can frequently be found in her home studio painting, sculpting, and making jewelry.

Dr. Causey feels that her love for art and beauty, her natural skill with her hands, and her great empathy for people is what drives her to be an excellent clinician and what makes her a talented provider of aesthetic medicine and cosmetic dentistry.