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Meet Stacey Foor NP

stacey foor MSN, FNP-BC

Nurse Practitioner

Stacey Foor MSN, FNP-BC is a dual certified Nurse Practitioner. Stacey received her Masters of Nursing degree at the University of Central Arkansas in 2018. Nationally certified in Family practice, she has studied the aging process across the lifespan. As a registered nurse Stacey was taught to look at every patient uniquely and entirely. She believes patients should be the focus of care. Stacey grew up in the natural state where beauty is natural. It is this idea that guides her in developing an individual and natural look for each client.  She is passionate about helping patients restore their confidence, health, and happiness. “Confidence allows a light to shine from within than cannot be dimmed.” 

We all deserve to be happy and live a life that we are excited about.

Stacey Foor NP

Stacey began her nursing career as a Neonatal Intensive care nurse, caring for the most delicate of babies. With a soft hand, she was able to nurse the most fragile of patients back to health. While working in the Neonatal intensive care unit she was recognized as nurse of the month after being nominated by multiple parents and co-workers. Eager to gain more knowledge she commenced a second job working in an adult Emergency Room. She loved working in the community where she lived and often was thanked in the public by patients she had cared for. Her love for helping people continued to grow. She was given a Golden Star recognition in the ER for outstanding patient satisfaction following multiple letters of praise from patients. She also worked in the Cardiovascular Intensive care unit caring for some of the sickest patients you can experience. With all the knowledge obtained she ultimately became a flight nurse. She traveled all over the country transporting sick patients to hospitals they would never reach without her. This allowed everyone to have the best care possible.

Stacey received her first Bachelors in radiology in 2005. After working in the field for 6 years she decided to follow her dream of being a nurse. She earned her Associates degree as a Registered Nurse in 2012, even receiving an outstanding clinical student award from faculty. She received her Bachelor of Nursing in 2016 and went on to complete her Masters of Nursing in 2018. A nature lover, Stacey can be found fishing, gardening, and hiking. She also enjoys her volleyball league, kayaking, and any other outdoor sport. She loves being healthy and active. She is excited to share her knowledge to help everyone enjoy life as much as she does.