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Causey Med Aesthetic: Coming Soon!

Drew and I are collaborating in a joint medical adventure. We are opening Causey Med Aesthetic! Projected opening date is December 2018. I’ve been a practicing dentist focusing on facial aesthetics for 6 years and Drew has been an internal medicine specialist since 2010.

What is this adventure?

Causey Med Aesthetic is a weight loss and preventative medicine clinic with a full-service medical spa attached. We will have an attached dental office focusing on cosmetic dentistry and full mouth rehabilitation, projected to follow one year after the opening of the clinic and spa.

It has been my dream for about two years. A dental friend and mentor of mine opened his attached spa to his dental clinic in Ohio and suggested that I do the same since he was also a cosmetic dentist and the spa was a great segue for his existing patients. I toyed with the idea for a while, did a ton of research, and educated myself. After a year of messing around with the idea and gaining confidence in my concept, I finally realized I could in fact do it, and we took the leap!

Drew was immediately on board and because we are never afraid of a challenge, we decided that he will also have a medical clinic attached. In his line of medicine, he often sees patients struggling with the effects of serious chronic and debilitating illnesses. In the hospital he treats them as best as medicine possibly can, but often times he sees them when it’s too late to make a big impact on a patient’s life. He has over the last few months, been developing a new weight loss program that is medically backed and up to date with the latest research in medicine. We have been trying out his methods on ourselves over the last few months. Those of you who know us may have noticed the changes in our own health and bodies. His medically guided weight loss program, along with hormone management, adjunctive cosmetic and body contouring services, and a patient education system will help us to make a difference that will literally change lives.

The attached med spa will offer the latest technologies that will help our patients along their journey. We will do laser body contouring and other noninvasive treatments to help patient achieve the look and health that they want. We will have other laser services such as hair removal, skin tightening, photo facials, and more. We will offer IV therapy for vitamin and hormone replacement. We have been investigating many new technologies to help our patients achieve their goals and ultimately achieve healthier lives.

We hope to quickly establish ourselves as top-level providers for facial aesthetics. The med spa will be offering Botox and other fillers that you have heard of, plus many other newer products and emerging techniques. We plan to offer comprehensive facial evaluation with combination care for the complete look. We are working with a pharmaceutical lab in California to develop an anti-aging skin care line suitable for sensitive skin (like mine). We are also offering fresh handmade bath and body products. You all know how much I love a luxurious bath and a silky lotion! We will have a fantastic massage therapist and a very knowledgeable esthetician in the spa as well. We will consult with, refer to, and bring on board other providers and specialists to help Causey Med Aesthetic be the best it can be.

Finally, we will eventually be adding a small dental suite where I will focus on cosmetic dentistry and full mouth reconstruction in conjunction with facial aesthetics. You can expect the dental suite to open in Summer of 2019. Many of you know that I have been traveling around the country over the last few years learning from the best of the best. I’ve studied with implant dentists in New York, Facial Aesthetics experts in New Orleans and Chicago, and many others along my journey. I’m ready to put all this knowledge together and really do the type of dentistry I am drawn to.

We have secured a location in Baton Rouge and we are excited to begin construction very soon. I almost can’t believe it’s actually happening. Drew and I have been working towards this for so long. We can actually see the opening of Causey Med Aesthetic in our near future.

I will send many more posts about our progress in the next few weeks and months. I’m finally ready to share our journey and our vision. I’m ready to shout it out loud. I’m excited and I want to share it to you all. Please ask me tons of questions because I’m excited to share and talk about Causey Med Aesthetic. I haven’t figured out all the details just yet, but fortunately I have a fantastic team helping along the way.


With much hope and optimism,